• V is for Villains - Rise Above
  • V is for Villains - Everybody Hates Me
  • V is for Villains - Broken Doll

V is for Villains

About V is for Villains

Led by the mysterious Mr. Agitator these villains have banded together to fight against a corrupt system... oh...and also to play some serious ASS KICKING ROCK MUSIC! V Is For Villains is a new breed of entertainment. Mixing the visual styles of Steampunk, Carnival and Noir, with the musical taste of Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, and your favorite film score;

V Is For Villains will take you on a journey through the imagination that your mother couldn't prepare you for. Most groups often say that they intend for "world domination"...V Is For Villains might actually mean it.... Meet The Villains